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About Us

Sugurta enables the users with real services required in day-to-day business and helps to connect with the client. Employees and admin with their real time working, and avoid double data entry, which benefits the organisation with unique technological approach. Its part of Assurance Group, Concept founded in October 2014. We are currently working in India & UAE, committed to provide best services with optimum satisfaction to Clients expectations. Sugurta’s domain expertise in Insurance Broking, Insurance Lead and in Property Management along with diversified in geo advertisement.


Online ERP

Enabling Insurance SMEs and Companies with online software’s where they can manage complete business online even they are distant from the actual place of work without spending lot of money on technology maintenance

OFF-line ERP

Enabling Companies with integration of offline software with online software’s where they can manage complete business online with protecting their data and secure the data without revealing to public with offline software..

Digital Marketing with Geo Location Mapping

Enabling Individuals, SMEs and Companies with Real Tag of locations of pages and sub pages to their own locations with sub locations as per the users requirements ..

Web Application

Provide the customised Web Application according to user’s requirement Like API to get instant and real time result of insurance companies, Virtual Data Entry with OCR, real time voice tracking and registration of claims and process of claims through IVR or with help of API and OCR

Social Connectivity with Business

Provides connectivity with social world with real time Intellectual Property of Individual Users with Social World.

Artificial Intelligence

Implementing Robotic Process and Automation module where services will be commanded with their required services and security according to situation & conditions, Mapping with technology.



Insurance Company: Sugurta provides complete customized Solutions for Insurance Companies and provide end to end solutions for any products or services.

Insurance Broking: An insurance broker sells or negotiates insurance for compensation. Where client need transparent information for all services with prompt and validated proof, and Sugurta provide the automated process with help of API and OCR along with online ERP where users can have real time information with validated quote and complete process tracking of application till end of services contract over.

  • Customized Solutions for Existing Modules
  • Customized on Web Applications
  • Customized on CRM
  • Customized on Accounts Report
  • Sugurta-i-Nex 45 and
  • HRM
  • Operations
  • Products and Services Management
  • Sugurta –i-Nex 90 and
  • Accounts and Finance
  • Chat (multiple users)
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Claims Management
  • Sugurta –i-Nex 180  and
  • Complete Web Restructuring
  • Online ERP
  • Offline ERP
  • Apps (Android and iOS)

Other products


Application Programming Interface helps to connect on real time changes in system which avoid error of passing wrong information from actual source and it helps to reduce TAT to make productions. Sugurta has expertise in API development and integration which enables the user and provider to interact on real time with validated proof with lowest chance of error.


We provide OCR with two languages- English and Arabic, which helps to have accurate data entry without keeping more data processor and help to reduce the cost on operations along with TAT.


Sugurta Use IVR to make New way of claims registration or can be used in process management for making automations in registering claims or processing the applications which enables to reduce the TAT for underwriter to underwrite the products and services opted from users/client.

Robotic Process

Sugurta enabling the web application to make more automation with help of robotic process and designed products.

Technologies we use